Faster & Safer

Cordless Prosthodontic Screwdriver with Torque Calibration System (TCS) NSK is introducing the iSD900 cordless screwdriver with Torque Calibration System (TCS) for prosthodontic screw fixing procedures. iSD900 will guarantee precise torque control due to the unique NSK torque calibration system which is extremely easy to use. The iSD900 will help to save time and allow precise risk-free tightening of screws. Clinicians can depend on iSD900 for safety and productivity.

Technology & Function



  • Model:iSD900 (120V)
  • Order Code:Y1001357


  • Torque
  • 10-40 Ncm in 1 or 5 Ncm Increments
  • Speed
  • 15, 20, 25 min-1
  • Weight
  • 148 g (iSD900 Motor + iSD-HP)
  • Charging Time
  • Around 90 min*
  • Continuous Operation Time
  • Max 72 min*

* These may change according to the usage environment.


  • iSD900 Motor
  • iSD-HP
  • Quick Charger for iSD900
  • Torque Calibrator
  • On/Off Switch Lever